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Whether you are coming home after a stay in the hospital or simply need assistance with daily living activities, ASI is your solution. Our Private Care program works much like a personal concierge, so you can enjoy a flexible, personalized service plan tailored to your needs. This flexibility allows us to design a home care plan to fit any budget. If you are seeking basic life-assistance, a full-time caregiver or an occasional companion, ASI can match your needs and schedule.

Read more about our Personalized Care Plans for new clients here.


Private Duty Home Care services are paid by long time coverage (LTC) insurance or self-pay.

Militza Torres.jpg

Private Care Manager

Militza Torres-Figueras, BSN, RN

Mili graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Campus with a Bachelors in Science of Nursing. She has been a bilingual registered nurse since 2000. Mili developed a passion for home care when she realized that many elderly are left home alone while their families go off to work or school. At ASI, Mili is making a difference by teaching caregivers the proper techniques to take care of an elderly or disabled person. She seeks excellence from the caregivers and provides them with constructive feedback. During her free time Mili enjoys watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

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