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Home Care Programs

Home care describes a wide range of services that help senior citizens and persons with disabilities live independently and remain in their home. Home care needs include household and personal care services, like preparing meals, cleaning, and helping with bathing or dressing.

There are a variety of reasons why people may need non-medical care at home. Some are recovering from surgery, or have a chronic condition or disability that requires ongoing care. Others need certain therapies or could use some assistance with activities of daily living. Respite care is a short-term or long-term care break provided to relieve the constant care required by a loved one.

Eligibility for the Community Care, IDHS/DRS or Title IIIB Programs

Depending on your personal and family circumstances you may be eligible for federal and state funded programs:

Each program has unique age, income, and other eligibility requirements. 

Ultimately it is up to that agency to certify your home care benefits. Navigating the various agencies and programs can be confusing and frustrating, so let ASI help! If you feel that you or your loved one may benefit from home care, give us a call at (773) 278-5130 and one of our Program Managers will help point you in the right direction.

ASI Services

Our knowledgeable and compassionate home care aides can be there to assist you with a wide range of services. Click here to read our complete list of services.

How long does it take to set-up services?

We make every effort to respond to your needs as quickly as possible. Generally we can respond to requests for services within 48 hours of the initiated intake process.

How is the privacy of my information maintained?

Your information privacy is taken seriously at ASI. It is our policy to ensure that all client-related files are secured in a locked location to which only your case supervisor has access. ASI is HIPAA compliant

What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic Visit Verification is a new system of tracking caregiver service visits mandated by the State of Illinois. Its purpose is to reduce recording errors or fraud and to ensure that you get the services to which you are entitled during the agreed schedule. 

What makes ASI different from other home care providers?

ASI understands that it is a privilege to come to your home to assist you. Consistently providing you the highest quality of care is a hallmark of ASI. The key to our excellence is our knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers. 

All our caregivers:

  • are screened, bonded & insured

  • undergo a complete review of references and credentials

  • must pass drug testing and background checks

  • successfully complete our 45-hour pre-employment training program

  • complete 12-hours of in-service training annually

  • are CPR & First Aid certified

Our caregivers are regularly supervised and evaluated by management to ensure ASI's high standards are met day after day.


Can I request a Spanish speaking or a bilingual caregiver?

Yes. ASI has a very diverse group of caregivers - most of which are Spanish speaking or bilingual. Every ASI caregiver is accountable to high standards of cultural sensitivity.

What should I do if I have a problem with the services I'm receiving?

Under normal conditions if you have a problem, question or complaint, you should first discuss it with your Home Care Aide.  The simplest, quickest, and most satisfactory solution can often be reached at this level.  


However, ASI recognizes you may not be able to resolve the problem with your Home Care Aide and has established a simple grievance procedure designed to provide a consistent  approach in addressing your concerns:


  • Call the Home Care Aide Supervisor to discuss your problem.  This may be done over the telephone or you can request an in-person meeting at your home. Your supervisor will attempt to informally resolve the complaint within two working days.  If a satisfactory solution is not reached, you will be advised to the next level of appeal.


  • In writing, appeal your claim to the Home Care Program Coordinator.  Note: your Home Care Aide Supervisor may assist you in formalizing your complaint in writing.  Typically, the Home Care Program Coordinator can reach a fair decision on the matter within two working days of receiving your written complaint; and issue a formal decision on how to handle the grievance moving forward.


  • If you are still dissatisfied with the decision, you may appeal your claim in writing to the Program Director.  He/she may request a meeting with you and any other person(s) deemed necessary to discuss the grievance and provide a written answer as soon as possible.


  • The Executive Director is the final step in this process and can be appealed to directly if the Program Director was unable to resolve the matter.

Will I always have the same caregiver?

Our goal is to have you and your caregiver bond and build a long-term, mutually respectful relationship so you will always have the same caregiver.

What happens if my caregiver gets sick?

If you caregiver is ever ill or unable to make their appointment due to an emergency, ASI will select another suitable home care aide to substitute.

Can I request a different caregiver if I don't like how I was matched?

We make every possible effort to match our clients with the best caregiver for them based on personalities, personal preferences, primary language, skill requirements, and certifications. If however, you find that you are dissatisfied with the caregiver you are matched with, ASI will work closely with you to find an alternative caregiver who better meets your needs.

Can my caregiver assist with medications?

Personal home care aides cannot do anything that would be described as clinical or invasive. They can assist with medication reminders and setting out your medications, but they cannot actually administer or control your medications.

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